Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Colored pencil

The median I used for the lollipop was colored pencil. I enjoyed using the colored pencils because of how easy it was for me to have control on my darks or lights. I didn't feel like I had a problem using the colored pencil. After using the colored pencil I think I'm going to use it on the next project. 

Oil pastel

The median for my can was oil pastel. I enjoyed using the pastels and would use them again. I felt like I had good control over the pastels and they were easy to use. I liked how much "room" I have to blend colors and the fact that's it's not too messy. One of the problems I had with the pastels was showing the brights and darks without making it look bad or it would blend too much.

Scientific project--hermit crab


For my project I did a picture of a hermit crab. My inspiration for this project came from my original idea of doing a shell. In my thumbnails I decided to try a hermit crab and the idea of doing the hermit crab grew on me. The median I used was pencil; I liked the Idea of doing it in pen but I didn't feel like I had good control of it. With the pencil I felt like I could show the detail and shading a lot better than with pen and make it more "life like".  My original idea was to do a shell and one of my references was a hermit crab. When I was sketching my thumbnails I decided to try the hermit crab and I ended up liking it. So I got more pictures and started my project from there, I tried to play around with the shells and the position of the crab. My biggest struggle with this project was getting the legs just right with the shell, they were either too big or too small. Another problem I had was the design of the shell, making the shell look life like and trying to shade with the shape of it at the same time.