Thursday, June 5, 2014

mixed media project

The theme for this project was mixed media. The mediums I used were acrylic paint, water color, magazine, and real grass. The reason I chose these mediums was because I felt like everyone was using magazine pieces to create something and not an actual picture. My idea for this project was to do a fall mountain picture with the real grass. The only thing I didn't exactly like about this project was how the painted trees didn't blend well with the mountains I cut from the magazine. Over all I was happy with the project and I'm proud of how the grass really makes it complete.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sticky situation

The theme of this project was sticky situation, my medium was acrylic paint. For this project I decided to do cupcakes. To show the repition I switched between the colors of the cupcakes and the dots and striped in the back ground. I first tried doing a watercolor cupcake but couldn't get the bright whites I needed. The repition was probably the hardest, trying to decide if I should do it in the background or in the cupcakes or all over. I enjoyed working with the paint, but had some problems getting the exact shade of one color twice. Over all I am happy about the way the painting came out and would like to work with acrylic paints more in my future. 
My watercolor sketch 
The final painting