Art 2 Final Portfolio


               1.               My most successful project this semester was my hermit crab drawing. The theme of this project was scientific, and the medium I chose was pencil. In the beginning I was thinking of drawing a bunch of seashells, but then I tried to do a hermit crab and fell in love of the idea. Knowing that I always draw small, pen was the original medium I planned on using. The only problem I had with pen was getting the right shading I wanted without the stippling blending in with the detail  of the hermit crab its self. While trying to draw the hermit crab I was also trying to decide how big to draw. In the end I ended up using part of a sketch of the shell I did on copy paper and added detail to. The reason I felt that this was my most successful project was because I started with never really using pencil to making an almost life like hermit crab that I didn't even know I could do.

             2.                  The project I felt that was the least successful was my colored pencil of a lady bug on a flower. The reason I felt like this was the least successful was because I spent so much time on just the lady bug that I rushed the background. I would have liked to put in more color in the sky instead of the quick coloring with a blue colored pencil I did. Also I drew flowers in the background to just fill in the empty space and I felt like if you actually took time to look at it you would notice how quickly they were done. Next time I would add different varieties of flowers and maybe a smaller lady bug in the background. I would have also liked to change where I put the lady bug, instead of the center where it is. This project was least successful to me just because I rushed so much of it and if I had just taken time I feel like it could have looked much more complete.

          3.                 Over  the course of this semester I felt like my scientific project and the mixed media project showed my over all growth the most. The reason I chose my scientific project is because I went from never really using pencil as a medium to making a hermit crab that was realistic. What really showed my growth in this project was how I learned to correctly use the pencils and how to show value in the piece. By doing this project I learned how difficult it was to put my artistic vision on paper exactly how I imagined it. The other piece I chose that showed my growth as an artist was my mixed media piece. The reason I think this showed my growth the most is because in this piece I felt like I went out of my comfort zone. In this piece I tried new mediums such as using the real grass and the magazine pieces. Over this semester I learned how to become a better artist but I feel like these two pieces showed my growth the most.

         4.          The two mini lessons that helped my complete my hermit crab are the stipple bottle, and the paper bag. Stippling the bottle taught me how to use pen, and how to use it correctly. Before I did not know how to use pen and the lesson taught me enough to where pen was going to be my original medium for that project. Shading the paper bag and trying to get all the right values taught me the most, and at the same time was probably the hardest lesson for me. The instructions that were given were easy to understand, but I still had a difficult time getting the correct values and showing the lighting where it was supposed to be. Doing the paper bag helped me understand how to put correct values and textures into my work. Although the pen was easier to use, I got the most detail and textures I wanted with the pencil.


  5.      My favorite medium to work with over this semester was watercolor paint. Although I did not use water color for the painting project I did enjoy working with it. Unlike acrylic paint you can use different materials to get so many different textures such as putting salt on the paint or saran wrap. Another reason I like watercolor is because of the pretty bright colors you are able to get without having to mix lots of colors together. Although you still have to mix the paint to get certain colors, it is easier to mix close to the same color often unlike acyric paint. I would like to work with watercolor in another project and maybe even find new ways to make textures. (Picture of watercolor practice)

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